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About Kirk

From Humble Beginnings

 Although nobody in his family had ever been to college, Kirk was determined to be the first. He enrolled at Portland State University and majored in music education. Since there was no assistance to pay tuition, books and fees, Kirk held a full time job while maintaining a full time college schedule. At the end of the first semester, it was clear to Kirk that he was not doing as well in school because working full time was taking away from his studies. A friend of his from high school was home on leave from the Marine Corps and told Kirk of his experience being a Marine musician. The year was 1975 and the government was ending the Vietnam Era GI Bill. Kirk discovered that if he enlisted before December 31, 1975 he would be covered under the present bill and after four years, his college tuition, room and board would be paid in full. 

Always ambitious, over the next 15 years, Kirk completed an Associate of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Arts degree and two Master of Science degrees.

 It is now time to take on another issue and try to be a part of the solution to a perceived problem of inadequate representation from our local congressional representative. Kirk has always believed that one should not complain about problems, yet should become a part of the solution. This basic belief has led him to run for U.S. Representative in District 10, in the state of Florida.