Protecting Our rights in Florida District 10

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It is time for politicians, like Representative Val Demings, Florida District 10, to stop playing political games with our rights. Having served our nation in the United States Marine Corps, Kirk Troen has put his life on the line to protect our rights. As our next Congressman, Kirk will uphold the Constitution and our rights as citizens.

Limiting our Second Amendment rights does not translate into tough-on-crime measures. It doesn’t make anyone safer. It only punishes law-abiding citizens.

As a father, Kirk worries like you about the violence in our communities. He wants safe streets and safe gathering places for our friends and family. Kirk looks beyond the rhetoric to find the real source of the problem. The majority of crimes are committed with illegally obtained firearms. Those that were obtained legally were often obtained by someone that is mentally ill. No one can legitimately argue that any mass shooter is not mentally ill. Our goal should be directed at helping the mentally ill and ensuring that they don’t have access.

By addressing the true problem, we will be taking the politics out of the issue. Unfortunately, our incumbent and the media like to perpetuate mis-information and dangerous rhetoric in order to push an agenda that threatens the rights of law abiding citizens.

Red Flag laws, as supported by Representative Val Demings, only infringe on the very fabric of our judicial belief that one is innocent until proven guilty. These proposed laws approve guns being confiscated until the owner can PROVE that he is innocent. And, at the expense of the owner. This is just wrong. 

As our next Congressman, Kirk will put people ahead of politics. He will defend the rights of our law abiding citizens and hold law breakers accountable not disable the second amendment rights of Florida District 10 constituents in Orlando.